Babylon.exe Windows process - What is it? (2023)

Babylon is a traybar tool that instantly translate words you click on. Shows ads. Trys to connect to the internet.
Jonas Kohen (further information)

Part of the Babylon translation Tool

Is part of Babylon´s processes. As I know I have Babylon installed and active, I´m not afraid.

Babylon. Its an in tray dictionary. leave it be

Nice dictionary program that helps you save lots of time. It also checks online glossaries.
Yorkie (further information)

Babylon Dictionary. Great tool!
SuperMau (further information)

Babylon Pro
(further information)

Babylon Pro
(further information)

The free download in March 2009 caused much trouble for me on my older XP computer: suspicious toolbar, locked up my homepage to be set to Babylon, loaded it seems various spyware applications, and even turned off Microsoft security, which I had to rectify

It killed my wireless network card - Uninstalled Nod32 Anti Virus software, even cleaned up all files I hade in my "Download" folder - That sucks! The actual application might be good but the trojan is sick - I don't even wanna know about Babylon.exe any more

Babylon exe is causing serious problems to my computer and refuses to uninstall.

No uninstall, ads

Of course it tries to connect to the Internet... it does that to get updated translations or dictionaries you haven't installed on your computer.. It's harmless, never seen any ads on it, and if you DO have Babylon installed, this process is 100% safe and must be running for you to use the translator.

It spammed my computer as well with 109 files that took REVO Uninstaller to detect and remove. Though, I still got the "Babylon error" balloon upon startup. Spybot Search and Destroy showed Bablyon in the startup menu. I deleted it from there and it seems to be gone now.

It is malware! Can't uninstall.

Windows Defender detected it as adware

Almost crashed my computer. Changed all of my personal settings, turned off my fire wall, pop-up blocker, installed MANY other programs, and refused to be uninstalled. I had just defragged my computer and only had 1 file frag and after install had over 10,000! I had to run CCleaner, Smart Defrag, Defraggler, Spyware Blaster, Spy bot Search and Destroy, Avira to clean up my computer. Took about 3 days to get all the crap it put on my computer off, because it was running so slow.

I installed it and it screwed up my anti-virus, my homepage ,and embedded itself into every nook and cranny in my computer. Took me 2 days to unscrew all the damage it did.

It was very difficult to uninstall I don't like it. seemed suspicious

Hate it - overwrites home page and instals toolbar unwanted, demands email address, makes unwanted internet links even when uninstalling
Rob Leach

It has slowed down my computer to a crawl. I can't get rid of it. It doesn't show up on the program list. I guesss I'll have to pay some geek to get my computer back to normal.

It came up on superanti spyware as a trojan. I uninstalled it and deleted everything I could find. But just a second ago it popped up on my browser. I do not think I have it completely detleted, and I can't find anything else to delete!

it came in uninvited and won't go away

Any .exe that installs itself and hijacks your browser is malware... Probably malicious

it is a virus
susan ballarini

Babylon: Malaware with password

its malware

Evil programme that hijacks your search engine and is really difficult to remove. Just put "how to remove babylon" into search engine and be careful which advice you follow.
once bitten..

it messed up my laptop..still pops up as Babylon Feedback agent..but I cannot find it on the start up menu..I had to pay to have it's damage cleaned up but like I said it still pops up..I do not recommend

There is malware named Babylon, and a translation program named Babylon. If you don't recall installing language translation software, odds are it's malicious.

comes in as an intruder with other installations. Actually it installes itself as a super powered program in any system and auto configures everything on its way without making as know about such suspicious actions. I am not speaking about trojen, I mean the original program. The software is not worthy to any use as there are so many good items to substitute this baby. It has a nature of all kind of suspicious .exe's. " A real Hell Baby".

For those of you looking to delete the file, get Malwarebytes, go to MBytes tools, run FileASSASSIN and delete it, but it seems to be just a normal program. I would leave it alone until it starts to make your pc act up, like with a bunch of pop-ups, or if a file/program needs permission from it.
Dr. Haxx

It installed itself despite me refusing it on "SUPER" video tool installation

Changed home page on all browsers, but seemed to run uninstalls from its program folders. Still had to remove extension from firefox tho.

It's a pain, cause me to get my files infected like never before

It hi-jacked all my research on Internet. I hate It. I Can't unistall It. My Internet Explorer is become strange - ever recover internet page (Windows Update too) for problems with this page. It hasn't unistall. I clean PC with Ccleaner, Avg, Antispyware, search deleting files - launch IE, Babylon Search appears! I believe it overwrittes default settings. It's Evilware!
Bobi from Italy

A technician trying to help with a crashed QuickBooks program installed it and refused to admit he did so. A different technician has tried multiple times to uninstall it with no luck yet. Stay away from Babylon.exe!!! It is a nasty little bugger and very difficult to detect.

I want to get rid of it but there is no uninstall.

total scam, malicious malware

makes a mess of your web & cant be deleted
keith snowman

When I deleted Babylon. exe out of every spot I could find it on, and attempted to reinstall it, the next time I rebooted my computer I couldn't log into it and It wouldnt let me do system restore. Will screw up your computer.

It is an unwelcome program tha I think I got from a CNET download. It's causing me tons of problems and is very difficult to rmove. Everytime I get rid of one file another one pops up. There are over 100 babylon zip files on my PC.

took over my computer, would unistall even when I tried system restore. System restore failed because one file in the registry was locked and guess who that was!!! Used spybot and then uninstalled internet explorer and reinstalled seems to be gone on ie now. Firefox has an unistall Babylon in its apps. Use it.

Indispensible academic tool, been using it since inception.
Herb Eling

The worst malware that exists, completely hijacks the computer. The tech staff at my major university could do nothing about it except give me a new computer, explaining that it was so difficult to get rid of, the only thing to do was to erase the whole computer. It also really makes normal computer operation impossible. The originators in Israel should be prosecuted.
Jim Davis

Windows xp media crashed windows update blank white screen.
cool jay

I experimented plenty of troubles, difficult to remove from Registry... Why did it became mandatory part of all CNET downloads ???
Albert H

no matter what i do its still there , as a tab i cant remove its the worst most evil program tell everyone you know to beware of computer is slow cnet should be hung drawn and quartered.

Babylon exe downloads borderline malware
ozzie bozo exploision

It's a virus. It directs Google to Babylon Search, shows ad, and it is EXTREMELY difficult to remove!!! This software should be banned and Anti-rivus software should classify this as a virus because that is what this is all about.
Angry consumer

i hate it is abig problem for me i cant get rid of it does anyone know how
james c.smith

Dumb thing,Its evil! before i downloaded it,my computer was insanely fast,now that i downloaded it,i can barely get on anything! i wish i could destroy this thing and whoever made it! -_-

It comes hidden within other programs that I wanted to install, so Babylon is a complete unwanted surprise. It's ridiculous how messed up my system is now because of it; web homepage kept showing Babylon no matter how often I reset it to my own, search page uses Babylon instead of my normal default search. Also, it has no clear uninstalling feature, so I had to look it up. Even now I'm not sure if it's still in the background, doing god knows what. When a program doesn't have an uninstall feature, that's a major red flag right there.
Never Again.

It should be illegal and Company should accountable!
Mark from Missouiri

I started by trying to download Mozilla & related Video programs. Then, trouble.
Steve C.

Terrible - didnt install it and don't know how it got on computer

It hijacks my browser continually
Ron Palmer

was nfected

Malware designed for WinME/XP/Vista/7: Keylogger, Phisher, Identity Theft Tool, System Hostile Takeover and Information Background Uploader; Virus suite designed ruin lives while looking harmless.
C.C. the NetAdmin

It has spoiled my google search. without me downloading it entered into my computer when I downloaded You tube movie converter

Worked perfectly but noticably slowed browsing of internet
rec lebed

it's malware

Extremely persistent, malicious software! Beware that it is also difficult to uninstall. I recommend an uninstall using Spybot.
Bernard (further information)

hacker put this on my laptop, tried to unstall

Had to reinstall xp
Dave Garner

it's a noxious weed in the garden that is the internet
Alan Sturdy

Killed my drivers, is a fraud. Do not install anything with babylon on it..

I gave it no permission to be installed on my computer and am thereby very annoyed to find that it not only installed itself without my permission I also had to change my tab settings to make it so that whenever I opened a new tab it wouldn't default and open up babylon. It even ignored me when I told it not to install its toolbar on my computer
Alex Fairhurst

When i first encountered babylon.exe was when i was doing my weekly spybot scan. When i tried to remove it, spybot could not perform this action and told me i needed to administrator to do so.? I think the virus takes control of the spyware and is definitley dangerous. The only way i could get rid of it was to delete my partition and reload windows.

Babylon pops up with claro trojan here . the evil twins cant get rid of claro hijacker will try to uninstall babylon after this . If only these people were prosecuted and closed down.
sean mc cullagh

All I now about this monster called Babylon is that it is still costing me time and money to get rid of.But it stays on.What a glum of a program!! I sincerely hate it without qualms.
Fuming Person (further information)

Disruptive, damaging, and very difficult to remove - Avoid at all cost

Babylon links to the trojan programme delata-search which has taken over my search engines (even overriding Google Chrome)
Paul P

When downloading software DECLINE ALL OFFERS FOR TOOLBARS and EXTENSIONS. You need to pay attention to the download when you're downloading it. What's it asking you? Decline all offers to toolbars, extensions, additional software, etc and DO NOT click on the 'Quick Download' option which usually says 'recommended'. If you already have it on your computer go into internet settings or manage-add-ons or the control panel and DISABLE the program. Remove Babylon as the default homepage and manually type in the homepage of your choice and then click on Apply or Save. You have to switch this manually. Uninstalling the program isn't enough. DISABLE IT!!

It causes insanity on your computer, releasing viruses and all kinds of nasty stuff. NEVER USE BABYLON

One of the best dictionaries... Useful program.

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