5 Payment Reminder Templates to Ask for Overdue Payments (2023)

As a small business owner, you’ve probably streamlined your business finances down to a science. You know exactly how to create your invoice, and you send it out immediately after completing a job. Despite your organization, however, it’s pretty much inevitable that a few of your customers will fail to pay their invoices on time. And, when that day comes, you’ll probably wonder how to send a payment reminder professionally.

If a client doesn’t pay you on time, you might be tempted to let that delinquency slide to avoid confrontation. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, you might feel like you need to be a littletooharsh when you send that late payment reminder email.

How do you strike that balance, then? What’s the best way to send a polite payment reminder email that’s firm enough to get you the compensation you need for your hard work? (And, not to mention, for tax purposes, since it’s not always possible to write off unpaid invoices.)

We take the guesswork out of the occasionally uncomfortable, but crucial, task of requesting late payments from delinquent customers. These five professional payment reminder email templates will help you feel like you have a handle on your late payments—even if you need to get to red-alert status—and, hopefully, get you your balance due.

And, if sending late payment reminderemails still makes you cringe, we’ll show you a few other solutions for late payments as well. If overdue payments are threatening your business’s cash flow, and you need an immediate solution, consider invoice financing.

How to Ask for Overdue Payments: 5 Email Templates to Follow

The best practice, of course, is for your customers to send payment immediately after receiving your invoice. However, “best practices” is never guaranteed.So, if you’re waiting on a bill from a job you completed weeks ago, and you’re worried about a late payment, it’s smart not to wait for that late payment to occur. Rather, send your first follow-up email a week before the payment due date.

Then, if you’re facing a late payment, you’ll need to continue sending follow-up emails until you receive your bill.

Asking for late payment can be tough, but thekey is to modulate your tone across these reminder emails. You’ll need to be equal parts polite and firm—but, depending on how late that payment is, your tone may need to tip in one direction more than the other.

We’ll show you exactly what to write, and when to hit send:

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1. Initial Payment Reminder Email: One Week Before the Due Date

Email subject: Follow-up on invoice #10237


Hi John Doe,

I hope you’re well. This is just to remind youthat payment on invoice #10237, which we sent on March 25th, will be due next week.

I’m sure you’re busy, butI’d appreciate if you could take a moment and look over the invoice when you get a chance. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!
Jane Doe

Why this payment reminder works:Your first reminder should be short, friendly, and informative. There’s no need to bother your customer with too much information, and you don’t need to request payment straight away as the bill isn’t due yet. In this email, the customer should recognize that you regularly track your invoices, so you’ll get back in touch with them if theydon’tsend their bill on time.

2. Second Payment Reminder Email: On the Day the Payment Is Due

Email subject: Invoice #10237 is due today


Hi John Doe,

This is just a reminder that payment on invoice #10237 (total $5,400), which we sent on March 25th, is due today.You can make payment to the bank account specified on the invoice.

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If you have any questions whatsoever, please reply and I’d be happy to clarify them.

Jane Doe

Why this payment reminder works:This is one of the most important emails in the sequence, since you’re requesting your first call to action to your customer to make their payment. It should be short, straight to the point, but still polite and friendly—that bill isn’t technically overdue yet!

3. Third Payment Reminder Email: One Week After Late Payment Was Due

Email subject:Invoice #10237 is one week overdue


Hi John Doe,

Our records show that we haven’t yet received payment of $5,400 for Invoice #10237, which is overdue by one week.I would appreciate if you could check this out on your end.

If the payment has already been sent, please disregard this notice. And if you’ve lost this invoice, please let me know, and I’d be happy to send you another copy.

Jane Doe

Why this payment reminder works:This is the first email addressing that the invoice is overdue, so you’ll want to start firming up your tone. Include details about the invoice such as invoice number, amount due, and repayment timeframe for a clearer reminder of what the customer owes, and when they owed it. Also offer a copy of the invoice, as sometimes they doget lost or accidentally deleted.

4. Fourth Payment Reminder Email: Two Weeks After Late Payment Was Due

Email subject: Invoice #10237 is two weeks overdue

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Hi John Doe,

I wrote to you several times to remind you of the pending amount of $5,400 for invoice #10237. As another reminder, payment was due two weeks ago.

If you have any queries regarding this payment, please let me know. I’ve also attached a copy of the invoice to this email, in case the original was lost or deleted.

Could you reply to this message and let me know you’ve received it? Thank you.

Jane Doe

Why this payment works:Okay, now it’s time to get more direct. In this email, you should clearly ask for payment, and ask the client to confirm whether they have received the message. That way, they have one less excuse to ignore your email.

5. Fifth and Final Payment Reminder Email: One Month After Late Payment Was Due

Email subject: Invoice #10237 from 3/25 is overdue—please send payment ASAP


Hi John Doe,

This is another reminder that I have yet to receive the $5,400 owed on invoice #10237. Please be aware that, as per my terms, I may charge you additional interest on payment received more than 30 days past its due date.

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Again, please reach out if you have any questions on this payment.Otherwise, please organize for settlement of this invoice immediately.

Kind regards,
Jane Doe

Why this payment reminder works:At a full month overdue, and several ignored attempts to reach out to the customer, you’re entitled to take a tougher approach about reclaiming your compensation. But don’t let it get personal. Making accusatory statements toward your customer undermines your professionalism.

What If Payment Request Emails for Outstanding Payments Don’t Work?

If you still haven’t received payment after a full month, it’s time to step out from behind the email curtain and call your client directly. First of all, it’s possible that your client changed email addresses, or accidentally provided you with an incorrect email address. Or, if you’re working with a larger institution, you may be sending your invoice requests to the wrong person or department.

Either way, it’s always more effective to speak directly with your client, person to person, than it is to send an email. That way, you’ll give them the firm but kind reminder that they need to pay up, and hear their side of the story firsthand.

How to Prevent Late Payments in the First Place

Even with these payment reminder email templates to arm you, you still might feel a little uncomfortable chasing down your customers for their money. So, the best way to avoid that discomfort is to prevent the possibility of late payments in the first place.

Implement these invoicing tips upfront, as they may help you avoid late payments down the line.

  • Be honest:If you’re at all concerned about the possibility of overdue payments, gently make your client aware of your repayment terms either before or right after signing on for a job. That way, you won’t leave it up to chance that your customer will (carefully) read your repayment terms when they receive their first invoice.
  • Be clear about your time frame: Often, business owners write “Due upon receipt” as their repayment terms on their invoices. But that’s a little vague, and it leaves too much room for your customers for incorrect interpretation. Instead, clearly indicate your repayment time frame in terms ofdays, e.g. “Due 30 days after receipt.”
  • Charge interest on late payments:Just as you’re privy to interest charges on late business credit card payments, your clients can also be held financially accountable for paying youlate. Clearly indicate the terms of your interest charges directly on your invoice. If you’re not sure how much to charge for late payments, first read up on best practices when including finance charges on your invoice.

It also helps avoid overdue payments if you send your invoice to your customer immediately after you complete a job. When your goods or services are still fresh in the customer’s mind, they are more likely to pay you on time.

One other tip is to provide early payment discounts to your customers. When your customers pay early, offer a small discount like 1% off. This might not seem like much, but it could be just the nudge to get your customers to pay you on time.

The Bottom Line

If your invoice payment is seriously overdue, it can be hard to keep your cool. After all, “doing business” means more than doing your job well. It also means receiving timely compensation for your hard work. So if you don’t receive that compensation, you’re more than entitled to be diligent about tracking that money down.

Keep in mind, though, that late payments are rarely a personal affront. Most of the time, delinquent customers have simply been busy, distracted, or dealing with an overflowing email inbox and lost or forgot about your invoice in the process.

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So, whether you’re sending an initial reminder about an impending payment deadline, or if you’re checking in on the status of a weeks-late invoice payment, remind yourself that you and your customer are both human beings. And human beings make mistakes! Maintain that attitude even when you need take a firmer approach toward reclaiming your compensation.

If you follow the email sequence and tips above, you’ll definitely notice your overdue invoice pile going down. But you’ll also ensure that you’re establishing and preserving trust between you and your client, which, in the long run, is just as important in running a successful small business.


How do I write an overdue payment reminder? ›

Tips for writing an effective payment reminder email
  1. Include the invoice number and due date in the email subject line. ...
  2. Reattach the original invoice. ...
  3. Keep the copy short and professional but with a friendly tone. ...
  4. Include ways to pay and what the payment terms are. ...
  5. Advanced payment reminders before the due date.
Apr 29, 2022

How do I write a friendly reminder letter for payment? ›

I know you're busy, so I wanted to send a friendly reminder that a payment of $XX. XX is due by [TIME] today to close out your balance. For your convenience, I've reattached your invoice here [LINK].
We accept payments via:
  1. Credit/Debit.
  2. Paypal.
  3. OTHER.
Apr 13, 2022

How do I ask for payment overdue professionally in an email? ›

The payment was due on [Due Date]. We're not aware of any outstanding issues or reasons for non-payment, so we would like to respectfully ask you to make payment as soon as possible. Please let us know when we can expect to receive payment for this invoice. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to let us know.

Which documents reminds the customer about the payment overdue? ›

A payment reminder is a notification, typically sent via email, letter or SMS, that a company delivers to the customer if a payment is overdue. As the name suggests, it is intended to remind the customer of their past-due invoice, which has exceeded the date agreed in the invoice terms.

How do you write a reminder note example? ›

We hope you're doing well. We wanted to remind you that your next appointment with {organizer} is scheduled for {date and time}. We look forward to seeing you then. Please remember to bring your {relevant documents} and arrive on time.

What is an example of a payment reminder email? ›

Payment reminder email: two weeks late

We've made several attempts to reach you regarding payment for the outstanding invoice [INVOICE NUMBER]. The total amount owing is [$0.00] and was due on [INVOICE DUE DATE]. You are now [TWO WEEKS] past due. We have attached a copy of the original invoice for your reference.

What is a good sentence for reminder? ›

noun. She wrote a reminder about the meeting in her calendar.

How do you start a sentence with gentle reminder? ›

Examples of 'gentle reminder' in a sentence
  1. Perhaps it was a gentle reminder to his strikers as the Championship promotion race reaches boiling point. (2015)
  2. Just a gentle reminder that there is an election today. (2010)
  3. They will provide the constant but gentle reminders you need to stay on track.

How do you write remind in a sentence? ›

Remind me to buy some groceries after work. I constantly have to be reminded how to pronounce her name. I had to remind him that we were supposed to leave early. The audience was reminded to turn their cell phones off in the theater.

How do you politely follow up a payment? ›

After cross-checking that you have the right contact details, your next step would be to make a call and discuss the situation directly with the client about the overdue invoice. Be polite and friendly and ask your client what happened and how you could help to find a solution, like accepting a payment settlement.

How do you politely ask for a payment? ›

Good Morning, my name is Maria from [company name] calling in regards to an overdue invoice you have with us. The payment was due in [payment due date] and I wanted to follow up with you to see if we could settle this balance. Please give me a call back at [company phone number]. I look forward to speaking with you.

How do you write a reminder example? ›

Here is a list of best practices you should be following when writing a reminder.
  1. Choose a clear subject line. ...
  2. Be friendly, yet direct. ...
  3. Be brief. ...
  4. Include a CTA. ...
  5. Find the right sending time. ...
  6. Follow up more than once if needed. ...
  7. Use it as a marketing opportunity.

How do you write an overdue email? ›

This is a friendly payment reminder that your account is now past due. As your account is now overdue, a late fee of [amount] has been assessed. If you have any questions or need to discuss your account, please reach out to me at [phone]. Thank you for your attention to this matter and your continued business.


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